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Hello guys,

After my previous post of “Selection Criteria used by PD’s” ,the present  post  is mainly about the things to be expected on the “BIG DAY-INTERVIEW” like attire,questions asked, qualities seen by PD’s and how to sum up in the end.

As I said in my previous post all this information has been gathered from seniors,residents,fellows and PD’s . All the information provided is a generalized view and may change depending on  respective program requirements.

So when to start applying for residency ?

  • Sooner the better with no.of chances of getting interviews being high.
  • As u delay chances get decreased and competition tightens up.For example, if you apply in December and only if one spot is open then there will be more competition => less chance .
  • After applying ,the info regarding interviews can be known through calls/ emails .

How should you be prepared for the interview ?

  • Attire : Grey ,black or navy blue suit with a tie .
  • Before attending the interview you are expected to know what your program is all about .
  • Make sure you have some questions for the PDs regarding future works of hospitals /schemes etc to impress them .
  • It is not a good idea to ask about salary , accommodation .Not many PDs like it.

 On the day of Interview what PD’s look for in a candidate ?

  • Scientific curiosity
  • Intelligence
  • Team building ability
  • Relation with other residents
  • Fit in their team, support each other
  • Academics [ LOR’s and CV ]
  • Good scores
  • Clinical experience in U.S.

Scores,U.S Clinical Experience are important for getting an interview  but doesn’t matter much on the particular day.

One has to prove they are good in the above qualities for making sure they are ahead of others and gain confidence of PDs.

Common questions generally asked during the interviews :

  • Tell something about you that I am not going to see your CV ?
  • Tell me about your Research work ?
  • Any Publications /U.S.C.E ?
  • What are some of your challenges in field of medicine ?
  • What are you looking for in your residency ?
  • Talk about your career ?
  • Tell about a patient that changed your life ?
  • What you would bring into our program? [ don’t tell about scores and clerkship]
  • Why are you interested in particular specialty?
  • Talk something about your CV
  • They may ask you questions regarding things described about you in your CV like novels, sense of humor .So be careful of what you mention in your CV .

Questions outside Medicine :

  • What’s a typical day is going to be like for you ?
  • How do you cope up stress?
  • Any experiences in information technology?
  • Creativity?

Tricky Questions :

  • Why did you think you will fit into my program?
  • Tell me about interesting patients you have seen ?

-Here they can ask you questions like what made you feel that the case was interesting, how  did you come to final diagnosis, and differential diagnosis ?

  • How did you spend the time between graduations from medical school to now?
  • Why are u not interested in doing residency in your country ?
  • Why did u choose U.S over your country for residency ?

Thank you Letters :

  • Hand written are preferred over emails.
  • A thank you letter can be like this : It was a great opportunity to talk with you.I liked your program because I will be thrilled if end up in your program etc .
  • When they ask you to visit again, it is good if you visit because few of them usually get excited when you have a second visit. It’s ok even if you won’t.

Basic Precautions :

  • Proper Attire
  • Present yourself with confidence and alwas carry a smile on the face.
  • Talk fluently and be gentle.
  • Never try to bluff PDs.
  • Don’t mention about something until you have evidence for it like certificates /honors I your CV.
  • Don’t forget about the thank you letters in the end.

This is in short regarding  few important things about  the interview ,the general qs asked, tricky issues etc .I hope this post will give you an idea about how to prepare and present yourself to the Program Directors in the best possible way for the Interviews .

I wish may we all get matched into our desired residency.Good luck guys :).




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